Insights IAS Prelims Offline Test Series 2018


Tests Included - 47

23 - Topic-wise Mock Tests, 08 - Revision cum Mock Tests, 06 - Full Syllabus Tests (Each Test is of 100 Questions)
10 - CSAT Tests (Each Test is of 80 Questions)


  • Insights Prelims Test Series covered vast areas both static and current parts, solution pdfs explained topics in detail, links given in answers were helpful in exploring and learning allied topics. Prelims test series helped me score 141 in 2016 prelims as I was consistently getting 130+ in offline tests.Test Series both prelims and mains with their well chalked out time table, gave proper direction, helped in test practice and more importantly gave confidence required at crucial stages. Thanks a lot for being all along the journey of last lap of marathon of civil services.

    - Nandhini K. R

    Rank 1, CSE 2016

  • Prelims - make sure you solve as many mock tests as possible. it must be ensured that you go through explanations and mark some important questions which you will revise again. Insights prelims tests series or any good test series will suffice.

    - Bilal Mohiuddin Bhat

    Rank 10, CSE 2016

  • It is highly and strictly recommended that one should focus more on current affairs and a good test series. Here test series by INSIGHTS was very useful to me. It was my confidence booster. I managed to top 6 out of 8 of their full length tests at the offline center and was scoring in comfortable 150+ range. This confidence helped me a lot on the day of prelims. Eventually I ended up getting 140 +

    - Sharath Chandra Arroju

    AIR 425, CSE 2016

  • Bought all the prelims test series papers of Insights about a month before the exam. Spent days and nights on end solving them. In my experience,this was more beneficial than any book or notes I might have read earlier.A number of questions were repeated directly from insights test series!.Here I want to state that The questions in the tests are tough. They are meant to take you a notch higher than the rest,I believe. therefore,don’t be disheartened if you can’t score a lot on them. I could never score a 100 on any of them! But continue solving them with utmost sincerity and diligence. And the final exam paper will seem like a piece of cake

    - Artika Shukla

    IAS, Rank - 4, UPSC Civil Services Exam - 2015

  • simply joining a test series will do nothing other than giving a false sense of satisfaction. UTILIZE EACH TEST. Join a test series. I would personally recommend insightsonindia Prelims test series because of the superior quality of the questions. Next comes the important part. After giving a test, GO THROUGH THE SOLUTIONS IN DETAIL. Even if you have answered a question correctly go through all the options, because you may have answered that question by eliminating options, rather than knowing all the options completely. The questions in the test series and in UPSC Prelims will be RELATED, NOT IDENTICAL.I personally gave five to six hours for analysis of solutions per test paper (Insights).

    - Kumar Ashirwad

    IAS, Rank - 35, UPSC Civil Services Exam - 2015



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